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DM: @Vivian.zndhs

Vivian Zndhs

Hello! My name is Vivian Zandhuis, the face behind Vivian Zndhs.

I am a 21 year old studying fashion design (HKU). I graduated as a Spatial designer in September 2020 (Cibap vakschool voor verbeelding). During this study I mostly focused on interior design and visual merchandising. Because of this study and my fascination for interior, architecture and nature, I started painting landscapes and cities on (self made) clothing pieces. My focus in terms of clothing items is second-hand items, items that I up-cycle and items that I make out of sustainable materials. Painting clothes has really become my passion and the making process is always quite an adventure.

I'm currently busy creating my second collection. Besides that I mostly rent/borrow my first collection to stylists /photographers. Feel free to contact me!





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Opleidingen / School


Opleiding:                Ruimtelijk vormgeving

Periode:                   2016 - 2020

School:                    Cibap vakschool voor verbeelding

Opleiding:                Fashion Design

Periode:                   2020 -

School:                    HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)

Stages / Creative experiences

Periode:                   Februari - Juli 2018 

Bedrijf en locatie:    Vos Interieur, Groningen


Periode:                   Februari - Juni 2019 

Functie:                  Visual merchandiser / Stylist

Bedrijf en locatie:    Scotch & Soda, Londen

Periode:                  Februari - Juni 2020      

Bedrijf en locatie:   Duran Lantink, Amsterdam

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